Why Owning Car Remotes Is Better Than Regular Mechanical Keys?

Car Key Remotes

Many older vehicles are still only equipped with traditional mechanical keys, instead of keyless car remotes. These types of archaic systems increase the likelihood of someone locking themselves out of their car, and they even have some security repercussions. That is precisely why many modern vehicles are equipped with the option to have keyless remotes.

Keyless Car Remote Systems

Keyless car remote systems started appearing on vehicles as early as 1982 and have grown in popularity among consumers and car manufacturers over the past 20 years. These car remotes allow the user to lock and unlock their vehicle from a certain range, permitting easier access and convenience.

These keyless remotes also decrease the likelihood of one leaving their car keys behind in the ignition, or elsewhere in the vehicle. When a certain vehicle is programmed to respond to the radio transmission of the remote, if the car owner does not push the remote button, the car cannot lock itself. Therefore, a person that leaves keys in their car has very limited ways of locking himself or herself out.

Advantages of Keyless Car Remotes

Keyless car remotes also have some security benefits. For one, they allow someone fast access into their vehicle in case of an emergency. Toying with fitting a mechanical key into a keyhole can be time consuming and difficult, especially if someone is in a rush to evade a harmful situation.

Also, many times car remotes will be given along with transponder keys. These keys come with additional safety benefits because they contain transponder chips, which are used to disarm vehicle immobilizers when the key is turned to start the ignition. These keys are vital in preventing ‘hot wiring’ of one’s car.

If a person is in the market to upgrade from traditional mechanical keys to keyless car remotes, they will immediately see the benefits to owning them. Many local locksmiths can even create these types of remotes and transponder keys if a person doesn’t already own a vehicle with that feature.

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