Should you Replace or Rekey Locks?

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A good locksmith can help you with many different needs: from locksmith rekey services (an affordable alternative to replacing locks) to providing you with a replacement key to your home, business or vehicle – including a transponder key – to helping you with your safe.

Don’t Replace Your Locks – Rekey Them!

It might sound funny to have a locksmith say, “Don’t replace your locks” but really having a locksmith rekey your home or office is a quicker, less expensive option.

What is Locksmith Re-key Service?

Rekeying a lock is the process of changing the tumblers of a lock with tumblers of different sizes. When you rekey a lock the old key can be thrown away as only the new key that matches the new tumblers will open the lock. Your local locksmith can rekey locks for a much lower cost than a full replacement would cost. If the security grade of the lock has an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Grade 1 designation there should not be a need to replace the entire lock.

There are some times when you may think about replacing all your locks, like when you move into a new home, rent a new apartment, lease new commercial space, fire an employee, lose a key, loan out a replacement key and don’t get it back or change cleaning companies. You’re not being paranoid. Your security is the most important thing, but replacing all your locks can be a big undertaking. Fortunately locksmith rekey services are much less expensive than replacing all your locks. Plus, rekeying is much faster than replacing your locks.

If a locksmith rekey service for your home is a good idea to reduce keys, it’s a stroke of genius for owners of multiple units or buildings like apartment buildings, condominium associations or multi-building businesses. Locks can be rekeyed to accept a single master key that opens every lock and each individual lock will have a key that only opens that lock.

Locksmith companies can perform master rekeying in almost any configuration to meet the needs of rental property owners, businesses, and home owners. Locksmiths can also quickly and easily create a replacement key whenever you need it. Keep in mind that in many states you are required to rekey old locks between tenants if you own residential rental property.

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