How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

Locksmith Costs

The following is a guide to the jobs locksmiths do and an ‘estimate’ to the charges involved. It also involves extra jobs that some companies complete.

Different regions charge different amounts, and the costs do vary from company to company, and prices can go up at night, holidays or weekends. Remember to use our Jargon Buster if there is a term you don’t.

  • Lock Picking (per lock) – This covers completing a non-destructive form of gaining entry, either using lock picks, jigglers, rake/bump keys etc. Excluding replacing parts the estimated cost will be between $90 – $240.
  • Destructive Entry (per lock) – This can include “drilling out” of locks, this is the 2nd stage (if a lock cannot be entered in a non-destructive manner), and can also include snapping locks, $120 – $260. It is normal for “Destructive entry” to cost more as the risk that the locksmith may cause damage to the door/property goes up. Many companies require a disclaimer to be signed before work starts to cover themselves if any problems arise.
  • Board up – This is to secure a property using boards and/or applying film to the damaged area. This could have been a result of a break in, malicious damage to the property or entry forced by emergency services. Prices based on 1x aperture or up to 1x board, $110 – $260.

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